Monday, May 2, 2011

Answered Prayers....


Well just wanted to say hi! I just can't help myself lol! Someone very important to me found out some wonderful news a few days ago and I can't keep it to myself ha! ha!. She and her  husband have been struggling to try to have a baby this past year and now with all the prayers and love sent out to these two awesome people there dreams of becoming parents are finally coming TRUE..... I just want  to take this time to send out all my love from me and my Family. We love you and can't wait to meet your special little one. Here are two cards I made, being so excited couldn't decide on just one ! I'm sure over the months to come there will be a lot more ha! ha!

We love you..

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~Olga said...

Nikki, nice cards! I love them both, but I would send them the Bear holding the bottle, it's very cute! XOXO ~Olga