Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tuesday challenge

Hi to all my crafty friends
  Sorry but I don't have a project to post today. I am on vacation and my husband accidentally dropped my iPhone in the pool. I lost all my data, it won't even turn on:( I've been using my daughters iPod to keep in contact with people. Sorry and hope to get a new one next week when we get home. 
    So sorry for no inspiration, but don't let that stop you from joining in on this weeks challenge over at www.diecuttindivas.blogspot.com 
Thanks for stopping by and happy crafting, Nikki  


Georgiana said...

Sorry about your phone! Hope you get it resolved quickly!

L.B. said...

Just enjoy the vacation!!

Gerda said...

Yes enjoy your vacation!!!

Norma said...

Oh no:( about your phone, I hope you had a fantastic time though and a great tan!!! Off I go to check out the rest of your projects!! Girl you should add a subscribe button my email so, I don't miss any of your posting and will get them via email:) A suggestion:)